Welcome to the Turn Yourself In! Podcast

Self-Mastery for Intuitive Sensitive Empaths (aka Divine Super Souls) with Reverend Katherine Ganev Soto. Turn yourself Inward to function optimally and to Know, Love, & Heal Thyself!

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Turn Yourself In!
Turn Yourself In! Podcast: A Self-Mastery Preschool for Adults
Welcome to the ”Turn Yourself In!” Podcast: A Self-Mastery Preschool for Adults with Reverend Katherine Ganev Soto, The Urban Spirit Guide.

Receive bite-sized secrets, reflections, & exercises to know, love, & heal thyself and to be happy, healthy, helpful, and holy. Together, we will zoom in to your deepest, most expansive, and highest self to gain self-mastery.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and on InsightTimer. Feel free to reach out directly via email: kiofg@hotmail.com.

The Turn Yourself In! Book is now available on kindle and in print copy on Amazon.